Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Year 11 VCE Food & Technology Class for 2013!

Well hello!

So sad to say g'bye to my dear year 12 food tech class but out with old and in with the new! Ha! Not to be forgotten though this years yr 12 food techies were awesome and i do hope their exam results also display their hard work! Good luck yr 12's!!!
This week i hjad the plaesure of meeting my new year 11 VCE Food & Tech students for 2013! A great bunch of kids with excellent skills in the kitchen and a very positive attitude to boot!!! I look forward to teaching them in 2013... they got a taste of the good things to come with a design activity they planned and created in the kitchen ... see the Design Brief below and the pics that follow this!

Design Brief:


Your teacher has asked you to work in a team to design and create a stirfry noodle  speciality. You must use the seasonal vegetables available to you and apply appropriate cutting techniques both precision and rough. You are limited to the ingredients available in the pantry which include those listed below. The product must incorporate noodles and a tasty sauce base and must be completed within 50 minutes. The products must have appealing sensory properties and be prepared safely and hygienically using the appropriate tools and equipment. The noodles should be garnished and served effectively and photographed for advertising purposes.


Ingredients available to choose from:

v Seasonal vegetables

v Ginger

v Garlic

v Fresh herbs

v Jam

v Soy sauce

v Chilli sauce

v Oyster sauce

v Herbs & spices



Equipment available:

v Wok

v Chefs knife/ pastry board

v Measuring spoons/ bowls etc


Preparation time: 10-15 minutes!
Cooking time: 10 -20 minutes!
Serving & photography: 5 minutes