Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fair Trade & Year 7 Kitchen Garden project has begun!

Year 7c has begun digging their little patch of earth for the creation of our own edsc kitchen garden outside the Landy centre and 402 Food Tech kitchen and they are sooo excited. They discovered earthworms and were in awe! over the holidays we hope to make a barrier and fill the spot with soil so that we can begin planting after the holidays. Ms Stubbs spent an arvo at Bunnings investigating suitable plants as well as a compost bin so that we can also begin recycling our green waste and vegie scraps from Food Tech sessions to make compost for our garden.
You may like to start a garden of your own at home...even a pot or two will do and now it is Spring this is a great time to start planting!
Here are some pics to inspire you and next time you go food shopping ask mum or dad to look out for fair trade products -these are products that aims to help producers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. Thefair trade  movement advocates the payment of a higher price to producers as well as higher social and environmental standards. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries, in particular coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, fresh fruit and chocolate. You will see this logo on the product:

And go vego more often it is good for your health & great for the environment!!!!!

Cya Ms Stubbs :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Jasmine in Year 12 Goes ORganic and so do yr 7's!

Jasmine Capps (picture below!) in Year 12 has established a kitchen garden at her home and is planting vegies and herbs ready to use in just a few weeks! Just like my darling year 7 students who have begun digging their 2 patches of land outside the Landy Centre and 402 Kitchen. They will be planting herbs, cherry tomatoes and establishing an indigenous garden in another area of the school too!
7C are making a video and Jessica will be coordinating that filming so that we can enter the Yates Junior Landcare Challenege and possibly win great prizes for the school! Wish us luck and if you are interested in helping with our kitchen garden thta the whole school will benefit from then see Ms Stubbs in the 400's staffroom!
We were lucky to recieve $1000 to spend on establishing our kitchen garden and indigenous garden from the Coles Junior Landcare grants program and thanks to the help from Mr Dobson thta will be taking shape shortly with hopefull herbs and cherry tomatoes to add to our Food Tech classes ingredients list!
My year 7 students are doing this as their community project the theme in year 7 being-Local Environment!

Cheers Ms Stubbs
PS Checkout Jasmine in Year 12 proud of her kitchen garden!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shephards Pie & Sustainable responsible living!

Today in class we made Shephards pie but today's production wasn't about presentation it was about how to conserve energy, water and recycling- like sharing an oven, filling the sink with water to wash & rinse, starting a compost to recycle food scraps etc
By Kurtis

Today's award for managing their kitchen bench in a neat and effective manner and working in an efficient way to conserve water, energy & consider recycling was-
Courtney & April in year 9!
Well done Girls and thanks Kurtis for your mini post. Would like to see more students posting and blogging as well as more followers so spread the word!

Courtney & April winers for best kitchen management &
conservation ethics

Shephards pie just serve with crusty wholegrain rolls and a mixed salad,
perhaps some steamed greens on the side too!

Cya Ms Stubbs :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

10 - 13 September 2012
Yes i do believe we have some very fine food here in Australia! This was showcased at the Fine Food Australia hospitality and trade fair i went to earlier this week with Ms Carson (you may remember her from 2011? Foods/Health teacher....little bird told me she may be returning to EDSC?!) Anyways we spent the evening at the Melbourne Convention Centre and were absolutely amazed at the range of new products and packaging systems! We all have to make a committment to living in a way that is more sustainable for our planet and preparing and storing our food in more responsible ways! Free range and organic foods were a highlight as was packaging materials made from recyclable natural materials such as wheat, sugar and corn! BioPak.

BioPak is a leader in the field of environmentally friendly disposable food service
packaging made from renewable resources and recycled content.

BioCane make a Lunch Box! Perhaps our school canteen can look at some of these products?
A functional more sustainable alternative to the plastic take away container. This lunch box is made from sugar cane pulp is microwaveable and oven-able up to 200 degrees c. Available in 750ml & 1000ml with a pulp lid or for display purposes a transparent PET dome or flat lid.
The problem with our lifestyle is that we are not doing enough to protect and preserve our environment for future generations!
Here are some pics to make you think! Will talk more about sustainability and responsible living in future blog posts!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Forgotten cakes? Richmond?

Here are some more contributions to the Novelty cake competition...Go Richmond or is it the Hawks!
Thanks Nick Z!

Year 9 Wed group cakes sooooo cool!

Hello everyone,

Ayah 1st prize winner!
Marnie 2nd prize!
Today our foodtech class had the privledge of adorning our cakes with icing and decorations. So many delicous cakes, of varying colours and shapes were made. Prizes were given to those whose cakes were deemed the best. The winners were: 1st- Ayah for a pony cake, 2nd- Marnie a pond cake and Gillian- a lolly all sorts cake, 3rd was Sam- for his cricket cake, and the special mention went to Lexi. Two student teachers Ms. Kovacs, and Ms. Rossi who were present to help with any problems that the students had oncountered. All in all it was a great lesson, and we all get cake!

Gillian 2nd prize too!
Sam's cricket cake 3rd prize!

a special mention went to Lexi for spongebob!
Today was also our last prac of Term 3, but we can look forward to making Calzone next term, which everyone is immensely happy to try making. Please take the time, to peek at the cakes, and votes for the best are welcome (via posts on this blog about their favourite cake- will recieve a lolly as well).

~Kathleen Foster 9f

Monday, 10 September 2012

Nice to hear from YOU!?

Nice to hear from Emily our food tech assistant at EDSC! and Kurtis our regular blog poster! Hope to hear from you all at some stage or another. As my year 12 students wind up and are heavily involved in putting their folio together for their major asessment task i breathe a sigh of relief! Good luck in finalising your folio content....hang in there it will all be over before you know it!
:)Ms S

Lachlan Wintle gives ity his best!

Go year 9's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lachlan was unable to attend tomorrow to decorate his cake so here is his LAC clippers basketball cake. He is off to a basketball comp! Good luck!
Thanks to April who wrote the last blog post....a budding blogger and writer and great student!
Cya soon blogger followers! Keep posting and commenting please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck to my other year 9 Food Tech group who are hanging out to decorate their cakes Wed arvo! Looking forward to it!
Lachlan Wintle's LAC cake!

Year 9's go Morroccan!

Yesterday, the year 9 class made morroccan chicken with safron rice and ratatouille vegetables. we worked in groups of 4 to produce this meal. Everyone had a part of the dish to cook. One person made the chicken, another made the rice and the other two people made the vegetables. Yeserdays focus was to work in groups and all participate. For the presentation, some people used dariole moulds to mould the rice in a nice round cylinder shape and place the chicken and the vegelables around it. Every group in the class worked really well especially my group who consisted of Harry, Courtney, Tegan and myself. We all worked really well as a team and we got 20 out of 20 for our finished product and our teams co-operation, Here is the recipe if you want to try it at home!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Big day in the city for teachers march and Hutong Dumplings to follow!

After a long meeting and a march through the city to parliament square a bunch of teachers decided to hit our favourite city dumpling resto. The owner was very encouraging of teachers and praised us for the great committment we have to education. Hutong dumpling bar is in Market Lane in the city and has a reputaion for being one of the best! Ms Vella, Mr Greatz and i shared platters of mouth watering dumplings that included prawn dumplings, duck steamed dumplings, panfried pork dumplings (house speciality) and mushroom and water chestnut dumplings as well a s a spicy eggplant and minced pork dish to die for! Afterwards we had the best espresso coffee at the famous Melbourne Pellegrini's cafe up the top of Bourke St. The owner greeted us warmly and remembered us from the previous rally. He shouted us a big piece of Italian almond cake that was light and airy, a sweet treat to have with our latte! Ran into a couple of students at the bus stop on the way home....thanks for the directions you know who you are!Ha! Ciao!
Hu tong dumpling restaurant, city
their famous dumplings!

66 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000
(03)9662 1885

My cafe latte!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Year 9AE Novelty Cakes Blew me away!

Ms Stubbs KISS theory cake piping and coconut sides.. ha!
Hi again!

I see that all the novelty cakes have disappeared from the pantry bar a few strays left behind! I assessed these according to the criteria sheet and to finalise year 9 students will be completing an evaluation and be submitting this with their designs and invitation on Tuesday. Today most students realised that cake decorating is not as easy as it looks. I demonstated star piping and showed them also how to coat the sides with buttercream and coconut. It is much easier to apply the buttercream if it is soft thereforea few secs in the microwave or using a hot palette knife or butter knife (dipped in hot water) does make the job a whole lot easier. Also when it comes to cake decorating i often adhere to the KISS theory. Keep it simple...
Here are the Novelty cake  designs from this morning's class. Spotto your cake and do post a comment as i have yet to see manyy followers of this new blog which is open to all food lovers at East Doncaster Secondary College and our friends here and abroad. Speaking of which i say farewell to our Italian sister school students and teachers who depart our shores for their homeland Viva Italia! I do hope they as well as my Greek colleagues and their students in Corfu and Patras also join this blog and send us some tasty Greek and italian recipes we can try here in Oz!  Meanwhile check out these great yr 9 cakes! Also i am putting in a late nomination for second prize award to Eric because i think he did a great job on his Treasure cake design! Well done Eric! Our previous winner of first prize went to April for her Dolly Varden Barbie cake and third prize goes to Erin for her cute Ladybird! Great work everyone!
Eric's Treasure cake design 2nd Prize winner!

Bon apetit & Ciao everyone! Ms Stubbs :)