Sunday, 19 May 2013


Year 11 food technology students completed their major tactical sac which involved making a roulade. A roulade is a meringue swiss roll encased with whipped chocolate or coffee cream. Dana acheived the top results, her roulade was well risen, with a soft marshmallow centre encrusted with roasted almonds and caramelised sugar. The roulade involved techniques we learnt this semester - when making meringue you must always: use fresh eggs, room temperature eggs, make sure there are no fats (yolk) when seperating and gradually adding the sugar. Although today's prac was a SAC it was filled with fun and success. Congrats to Dana and the whole class
Ms S :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

OMG! How could i miss the best salad?

Here is Roxy's amazing dukkah crusted chicken tenderloin middle eastern roasted chickpea salad that was to die for!
Hope you try this one at home the recipe was from just google search it!
Here is Stella's Thai Beef Chilli and Lime Salad and Dana's Thai Beef Salad with Soy Chilli dressing. Both very well executed! Well done girls! Great results!


Sunday, 12 May 2013


Check out below the awesome salads produced today by VCE year 11 Food Technology students! One of my fave salads was that made by Brittany- tender marinated spicy meat on a tasty meditteranean style salad with yopgurt but i have to say Danny excelled today ...his Caesar chicken salad with homemade mayo was delicious!

THE Specifications FOR THE DESIGN BRIEF includeD-

·        Should be appealing in sensory properties.

·        Restaurant quality and suitable for a light luncheon

·        Include a range of vegetables and herbs or flavourings

·        Asian Middle Eastern or Mediterranean inspired

·        Simple yet tasty

·        Include an appropriate dressing.

·        Include a protein food eg tofu, egg or chicken

·        Time management

·        Safe and hygienic work practices

One of my fave salads was that produced by Brittany





 Love the colour in this saffron lambs and pumpkin salad with the dressing on the side! Looks great!
 Danny made a delicious Caesar chicken salad with home made mayo!
A reminder to all though that you MUST taste your food before serving...many salads were lacking seasoning and needed a better balance of acid:oil? Sensory includes- taste, appearance, aroma, texture all very important in food presentation and appreciation!

Ms S:)

Monday, 6 May 2013

VCE Meringue Challenge!

Year 11 students last Monday created meringue magic! They wrked individually to create their masyterpieces with most achieving success. Meringue is an example of mechanical aeration and used the key food group EGGS which is the focus for this weeks lessons.
To get perfect results you need to remember the following:
EGGS must be fressh and room temperature, you need a clean dry bowl, you need to add the sugar gradually after you whisk the eggs to a foamy to firm stage and dissolve the castor sugar well before adding more sugar. Bake at a cool temperature to achieve crispy outer with soft marshmallowy centre . Delightful, delectable, sweet and pretty. Here are some of the results with Chantell Trollip achieving Masterchef of the day for her very, very creative and original work!
Chantell Trollip created 3 very original meringue nests!